I Hate Balls!

 My very funny friend and animal advocate Katherine Heigl has launched a campaign today called I HATE BALLS! In an effort to raise awareness and promote the spay and neutering of pets. The very unconventional and hilarious campaign includes a skit on Funny or Die where Heigl announces her hate for balls more specifically testicles on animals. Its a funny take on a very serious issue, that she believes needs to be tackled at the very core. The more animals that get fixed, the less animals we have to see in pounds and shelters.

Annually more than 5 million pets are killed in shelters across the United States. Spay/neuter is the most effective method of helping to reduce that number to zero. A simple surgical procedure will eliminate the possibility of unwanted litters of companion animals, who are then subsequently abandoned at shelters and euthanized when homes can not be found for them.

I hope you will take the time to watch the video, peruse the website, buy some products or text in a donation to a really great cause! www.ihateballs.com

Pearblossom Highway


Last week I had a good friend in town who is so lovely to photograph, another dear friend who’s building her hair and makeup portfolio, and a talented new friend who was looking to style. I rented a 15 passenger van, loaded up the crew, and headed out to Pearblossom Highway off the 14 freeway. I’ve been enthralled with the area for years, ever since I saw the David Hockney photo collage when I was in college. I didn’t necessarily capitalize on the landscape, but used hints of it to suggest a vast desolate backdrop. The joshua trees, the crystal clear air, and the vibrant colors made for a gorgeous day. The final product is up on my website. I can’t thank everyone enough for such a seamless shoot.


My portrait of Kendall and Kylie Jenner is this months issue of Seventeen Magazine.

Smart Set behind the Scenes

The first round of the holiday campaign just launched for Smart Set in Canada. Here are some images from the website and Behind the Scenes. Enjoy.

Scetchers Kids


My assistant just sent me some adorable Behind the Scenes shots from my shoot with Sketchers for the Kids shoe line Bobs. These little munchkins kept me on my feet (ok my stomach) all day long and were so adorable to work with. Thank you Lindsey and Loren for a great day.